The time information received from the GPS satellites is synchronized to the corresponding GPS time server, and it is necessary to verify that all the computer devices are synchronized to the standard time (UTC) by transmitting the standard time information to the clients on the network normally. The time synchronization task is handled by the NTP server and whether it is normal or not is managed by the operator. Generally, there are many difficulties in integrating NTP Clients by manually connecting to NTP Clients. Therefore, NTP Monitoring solution is needed as an effective management method. PMA II is a solution that provides integrated operation efficiency to operators by capturing / monitoring NTP packets and providing various information related to real time visual synchronization through port mirroring function of Network Switch connecting NTP Clients and NTP Server.

Main Function of the System

NTP Monitoring

  • Real-time packet status monitoring of NTP servers and clients
  • Real-time packet status monitoring of NTP server and client NTP server and client major alarm threshold setting and display function
  • Choice and full simultaneous monitoring capabilities for up to four Ethernet cards
  • Convenient interface for operator to set main functions

Analysis System

  • Real-time logging of NTP server and client status logs
  • Search history by server, client, date
  • Statistics chart function for logs
  • Output function of report form