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was founded in Jan. 5, 2015 with only passion and dream. I have two kinds of lovely words in my mind. 

In fact, the most beautiful English word in the world is “Mother” and the second word is “Passion”. 

With this passion, I have actually worked for NARO space center in KARI since 2002, 

and I was involved In KSLV-1 project which was one of Korean space programs. 

When I look back on my work experience, I carefully mention that we still have bits of deficiency in the core technology of launch

 and satellite application fields compared with other advanced countries, 

but I can also tell that we have lots of possibilities for our space future based on our fast experience and endeavor

I have actually experienced what the “Dream and Passion” in this field and with these kinds of experience 

I tried to do new challenge with my CONTEC’s friends. 

I would like to say that CONTEC will get forward with our customer and cooperation companies for more dream and vision, 

and will remember our role and position with radical management principles

Mr. S
unghee Le

C.I / B.I

Logo-type and emblem are representative of the communication elements that express the image of CONTEC both at home and abroad.

The bold typeface represents the pride of a company with the best technology.

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