Satellite Image Data

Processing Service

Satellite Image Data Processing Service 

Satellite Image CAL/VAL Quality Evaluation System

CONTEC has software development technology to perform quality evaluation on registration and location accuracy of image data generated from the Korea multi-purpose satellite series (KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A) image processing system operated by Korea Aerospace Research Institute(KARI). The CAL/VAL quality evaluation software sets criteria for radiometric, spatial, and grometric quality evaluations with satellite image data generated from the image processing system and evaluates the quality of the images. Based on the above information, the satellite CAL/VAL technology and the quality of the image data are expected to be improved. The improvement will be applied to satellites such as KOMPSAT-7 and CAS-500, which are due for development.

High-Speed Satellite

Image Processing Technology

In order to analyze the key algorithms of the Korea multi-purpose satellite series KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A), CONTEC developed a high-speed image processing technology which is four times faster than the existing one by applying a variety of parallel processing models(Multi-Threading, Open MP, and CUDA).