Key Features

  • Real-time temperature / humidity display
  • Real-time temperature / humidity chart display
  • Save measurement data every second
  • Temperature / humidity monitoring data More than 30 days (can be set)
  • Temperature / Humidity Alarm Threshold Adjustment Function
  • Audible alarm function when monitoring sensor operation status and fault
  • Show visible warning

Key Benefits

  • Efficient management of operating environment through real-time monitoring of temperature / humidity
  • Record / store temperature / humidity status information and measurement data
  • Provides operator convenience with temperature / humidity status information and chart reporting function
  • Long-term trend analysis possible

THS100(Tem. Hum. Sensor)

Temperature and humidity sensor with ultra-small semiconductor chip that accurately and reliably detects relative humidity and ambient temperature conditions

  • Digital temperature / humidity sensor
  • Wide temperature / humidity measurement range
  • Communication distance up to 100M
  • Remote Interface RS-485 communication
  • Fast data transfer rate 19200bps


A relay device for transmitting the power supply of the sensor (THS100) and the display (THD100) and transmitting and receiving data

  • Connect up to 3 sensors and displays each
  • Up to 10 connections between bus modules
  • Remote Interface RS-485 communication method
  • Fast data transfer rate 19200bps