"Beyond the Line! 

Empower Your Possibility!"

Beyond the Line!

Empower Your Possibility!

About Us


Established in January of 2015, CONTEC is a spin-off company from KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and is offering Space Ground Station Services and Satellite Image Processing & Application Services as well as a whole ground integration solution. At CONTEC, we strive for excellence and we think that it is only with talented people that this goal can be achieved. Currently, divided in two different offices in Korea and Luxembourg as its subsidiary, CONTEC has multiple teams of engineers where more than half of them have at least a Master's degree, and where the heads of these different teams have at least 10 years of experience in the space industry. With these services and powerful manpower, 

we are trying to provide a meaningful value for prospective customers in the New Space Age.

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Space Ground Station Services / Satellite Image Processing & Application Services