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CONTEC's 3rd Workshop

Date: Oct 5.2020 15:00

Place: Yousung Hotel

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ECOTHON is a 2~3 day of intensive competition for promising entrepreneurs who have an innovative 'sustainable consumption and production (SCP)' business idea.

CONTEC's CEO participated as a mentor.

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Date: 2020 07 23 CONTEC

Location: CONTEC Research Institute

Title: Presentation Skill

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CONTEC was posted in the 2020 Space Directory Book provided by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA).

(Refer to page 30 of the link)

Link: https://space-agency.public.lu/dam-assets/publications/2020/Luxembourg-Space-Directory-2020-final.pdf

CONTEC established a European office in Luxembourg in 2019 to expand its business and attract overseas customers.

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Date: 2020 06 30 CONTEC

Location: CONTEC Research Institute

Title: Life law

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Date: 2020 05 29 CONTEC

Location: CONTEC Research Institute

Title: Organizational communication skills

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March 2020

CONTEC held its 5th annual meeting of shareholders.

Date: 2020 03 26 CONTEC

Location: CONTEC Research Institute

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February 2019

CONTEC participated in the GSTC 2019 

in Singapore St.Regisas an exhibitor

Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC) is Asia’s Premier Space & Technology event, bringing you the latest technology news, discover the latest in space technologies, and uncover Asian opportunities within the rapidly developing space industry in Asia.

* Please read below for more details.

1. Gstc 2019 : https://www.satellitetoday.com/event/gstc-2019

2. Gstc : https://www.globalsyngas.org/events/2019-conference/