We don't have our own technologies…"but we're still heading to space"

December 2018

Why does CONTEC go to Luxembourg?

On December 2018, an article was posted in the Economy Chosun, a weekly economy magazine, about CONTEC.

In this magazine, Dr. Lee, CEO of CONTEC, told why he decided to go to Luxembourg in the interview.

For further information, please refer to the following url and photos.

* CONTEC is currently in the process of establishing its first subsidiary in Luxembourg.

* ‘Economy Chosun’ is a weekly economy business magazine published by Korea’s news media group Chosun Ilbo. The No. 279 issue covers ‘Why Luxembourg goes to space’ as a main theme divided in 4 categories as below.

* Economy Chosun : http://www.economychosun.com/client/news/view.php?boardName=C00&t_num=13606205

* CONTEC's article : http://economychosun.com/client/news/view.php?boardName=C00&t_num=13606211