Space Ground Station Service

provides advanced but easy to use ground station services for satellite operations.

CONTEC ground station expanded its network worldwide (North America, Europe, Africa and Asia), allowing continuous monitoring of your spacecraft.


is our platform where you can easily access our web-based operation system and arrange a mission in one click.

Our ground station network supports VHF, UHF, S-Band frequencies for TT&C and X-Band frequency through high performance receivers for high data rate receiving.  

We provide satellite data receiving through TT&C

We not only receive your raw data, but if you need, we can also process them so that you can efficiently use them

If you need to detect objects (cars, buildings, etc.) from your data, we are able to provide satellite image object detection application services

Launching is not a problem either! We can help you with launching support of your satellites

CONTEC ONE is the most advanced satellite communication platform. 

Schedule your communications in one click and let our worldwide ground station network get your data. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can use any of our ground stations from all around the world as if it is yours.